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Il Mercato de La Bonissima

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18-19-20 October 2019

Modena - Piazza Grande

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Thanks to the consolidated success in the past editions, La Bonissima has become a must for all gourmets. Around thirty Modenese food and wine producers will exhibit their products in Piazza Grande, which are often difficult to find in stores because the limited quantity produced makes it difficult to trade.

the event will take place in the heart of the historic center of Modena: Piazza Grande.


The legend:

La Bonissima is an important symbol for the city of Modena.

Its original location was in front of the bill office. Thus it would represent, for some, the Bona Estima, or the place of trade, of estimation / measurement, but also of the exchange of loans.

Instead, according to a more widespread legend, it would be a rich lady who, in a period of famine, helped the people. So when the famine ended, the woman wanted to celebrate at her palace by inviting all the people. From that moment it became the Bonissima for everyone. This legend was reinforced by the identification of a bag in what is a fold of the garment.


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